How to Become an Online Marketing Consultant

Marketing activities using Internet through websites, email, social and digital media is known as Online marketing. There is a difference in marketing techniques between Online marketing and traditional marketing campaign. When it comes to potential customers, an online marketing consultant puts vision, message and products in front. Using the Internet as a platform for business, it gives an opportunity to deliver products and services to its unlimited viewers every day, 24/7. In order to put the client’s business in front of viewers to encourage sale, a marketing consultant must develop a plan.

  1. Marketing Consultant must pursue a business and marketing degree. Mostly, traditional marketing has a different technique compared to online marketing; the principles of the business still apply.
  • Look for a degree program that includes courses Internet or Online marketing, as well as techniques in traditional marketing.
  • Marketing consultant can benefit in copy writing and marketing communication skills. These skills help in creating content to market a client’s business and products in the internet.
  • A consultant can include a business management courses in the degree program. A consultant may work on an online marketing firm or can be a self-employed.
  • It is a big advantage if the courses in Internet marketing should include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web analytics and pa per click advertising.


  1. Work in an online marketing firm. To work in marketing firm is an advantage, it gives you the opportunity to work and learn from seasoned online marketers.


  • To work in a marketing firm provides the marketer a field experience, which is a vital qualification that business clients are looking for in terms of hiring an online consultant.
  1. Market the consulting business. The important thing to know is that the first client an online marketing should serve is himself.


  • Use you educational credentials and experience to market your consultancy business.
  • Create a business website. Having a business website is vital for an online marketing professional. The website provides the potential client with information about the business services and the type of work it offers.


  1. Never stop learning. The internet is a great market place for online business, but it is constantly expanding, moving and changing. In order to serve clients, marketing consultants must be prepared.
  • With constantly evolving Internet, there are always new opportunities to offer business like text messaging and social media. There are unlimited ways to deliver client’s message on the Internet.
  • Online seminars and workshops found in the Internet, gives a new techniques and methods for the Internet marketers to serve clients.


The business website is the first opportunity for the clients to evaluate your business skills and services. In order to ensure that the website is professional and the type of work the client needs from his marketing consultant is met, hire a good website designer.






Consultants Share Certain Traits

In order to be a successful Consultant, the top 10 traits below should be identified.

  1. A lot of experience with the field
    1. Mary Garrett, President of the MG Public Relations Inc. has been working for 15 years in a PR firm. She started as an assistant who became the president and lately became the director of the firm. Having said that, this experience made her to be the most in-demand consultant nowadays
  2. Personality says it all
    1. Being comfortable with yourself surrounded by many people, build relationships. In short, being a sociable and outgoing person. This trait dictates your success as being a consultant.
  3. Connections is a must
    1. You must know a lot of people, and it does not only mean ordinary people. You must have a high-end group of people working in big companies. This would be very helpful during your consultancy.
  4. You must have an aura of authority
    1. You must have the ability to make people around you listen to you. That when you speak, or write something, or maybe suggest something, people follow you.
  5. You know how to handle money
    1. You must know how and when to take risk with regards to money. Also you must know when to invest which can deliver the lowest number of years for your ROI.
  6. You are dedicated to you work
    1. You don’t mind working in extended hours, weekends, and rest days. You also know how to manage your time to finish your deliverables on time.
  7. Get and deliver
    1. Results must be reasonable with the fee you are going to receive from the client. You need to deliver the documents and finish the task assigned to you. This will make your client satisfied with the end results.
  8. You know your zone
    1. you must know everything that is happening to you. From the stock market, local competitors of your client, and how they are doing compared to your client. You must know what is and what’s not in the future so you can prepare you client for what is coming.
  9. Be a good listener
    1. Listen to what your client needs. In order for you to satisfy and deliver the accurate results to your client, you must understand his needs and wants. You must have a good ear about it.
  10. Team player
    1. Sometimes, people on your team may need a little nudge to get what needs to be done. You must know when and how they are to be disciplined.